1. Oblivion — Bastille (x)
  2. Lost Stars — Adam Levine (x)
  3. Millionaires — The Script (x)
  4. Young & Beautiful — Lana Del Rey (x)
  5. All I Ever Wanted — John Tyree (x)
  6. Mirrors — Justin Timberlake Cover by Boyce Avenue ft Fifth Harmony (x)
  7. Crazy for You — Adele (x)
  8. Locked Out of Heaven — Bruno Mars (x)
  9. Flaws — Bastille (Acoustic) (x)
  10. Happy — Pharell Williams (x)
  11. Human — Christina Perri (x)
  12. Not a Bad Thing — Justin Timberlake (Boyce Avenue Cover) (x)
  13. Wild Ones v Titanium — Flo Rida, David Guetta & Sia (Mash up) (x)
  14. Love Can Come From Anywhere — Dia Frampton (x)
  15. Sparks Fly — Taylor Swift (x)
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Q: Do you help the boners? Or do you—?
A: Full service. 

This man knows his audience


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War of the Five Queens
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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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Still more Thor: the Dark World sketchcards.

And hey, got my copy of the DVD!  Woot!

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Can we talk about Steve here? The way he’s looking at the Tesseract. He must be thinking “how could something this small cause so much pain?” The war it started, the years it cost him… the friends he lost…

can I just-

this is the only closure Steve gets for the war. That the weapon that fueled Schmidt’s maniacal search for power beyond what the Reich could give him, the weapon that created the backbone of Hydra’s weaponry, the weapon that contributed to Bucky’s fall, to the bombs on the plane, to Steve’s decision to down the plane {ten days} and then everything he lost because of that-

this is the only closure Steve gets for losing everything.

Look at him.  Steve Rogers is not the kind of guy who experiences hatred, but he fucking hates that thing.

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"There’s no one actor in particular that I want to model my career after, except for the people who have been able to keep their career varied and who choose things that interest them. That opportunity is all I really want." - Hugh Dancy

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Inspired by (x)

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When all Comic Con is done, I go online (…) kind of catch up to see what every studio has done. [x]

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Pictures of cute animals hugging :D The first image is the famous Roscoe and orangutan Suryia. If you don’t know their story you should watch a video about them HERE

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New Pictures of Dave and Alison

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you melt my heart  dave franco

”..I keep getting cast as the asshole. I promise I’m a nice guy and not the asshole that everyone keeps seeing…”

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